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It’s Time for a Gas Fireplace Installation in Washington, DC

Do you want to add some real value to your home while also boosting its functionality? Then you are in the market for a gas fireplace installation in Washington, DC. A new gas fireplace is a fantastic alternative to traditional wood-burning fireplaces. What makes them so attractive to homeowners? Here are just a few of the different reasons why American Professional Chimney recommends a gas fireplace install:

Easy to Use – Want to enjoy a fire in your fireplace without any hassle? Then you are going to want a gas fireplace. While wood-burning fireplaces usually require buying or chopping wood and then actually building a fire and hoping it catches, a gas fireplace fire starts with just a push of a button on a remote control.

Alternative Heating – Want to cut down on your energy bill? Then you are going to love the amount of heat these gas fireplaces can produce at a fraction of the cost of cranking up your furnace. Not only that, but if your power ever goes out, your gas fireplace will be there to keep you warm.

Easy to Maintain – Wood fireplaces require a lot of upkeep. Gas fireplaces don’t. You just need to have a yearly cleaning and inspection, and you should be more than okay to continue to use your gas fireplace safely.

Safety – Speaking of safety, gas fireplaces are much safer than their wood-burning counterparts. While sparks and embers could come out of a wood-burning fire, a gas fireplace burns smoothly with little fuss or muss. This is a controlled fire that only requires you to follow some safety practices to keep you and your home out of danger.

Contact us today to learn all about installing a gas fireplace into your home. You are going to love the heat and ambiance it gives off.

Install An Attractive Gas Fireplace