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Chimney Replacements

Chimney Replacements in Washington, DC

Over time, even something as durable as your brick-and-mortar chimney can begin to crumble. When this happens, turn to American Professional Chimney & Masonry Service for chimney replacements in Washington, DC. Our CEO has been restoring chimneys for more than 43 years.

Replaced Chimney in Washington, DC

Free Estimates for Chimney Replacements

It is our job as chimney sweeps to keep your chimney in good working order. Not only does this involve repair, it may also include restoring older and damaged structures with chimney replacements. Reach out to us for a free estimate when your chimney shows signs of aging and malfunctioning. The chimney may be pulling away from the house or may have suffered damage to the brick or mortar.

Ask our professionals to perform a thorough inspection to diagnose the problem so we can begin replacing your chimney. Our reputable company offers effective and affordable service for partial or complete rebuilding. Depending on the age and condition of your chimney, less or more rebuilding may be necessary. Count on us to protect your home and family with the proper repairs done in a timely fashion.

Replacing Your Chimney When It Pulls Away from the House

Looking up on your roof, you may notice that the chimney is pulling away from the house. This can happen to an aging chimney. Turn to our professionals for the expertise required to restore your chimney to working order. Options include shoring it up, underpinning, or replacement. After inspecting your chimney, we recommend a safe and cost-effective solution.

Rebuilding Your Chimney When the Mortar Crumbles

When there is damage to brick and mortar, it is best to rebuild that crumbling chimney with our masonry services [link 9p]. We are experienced at restoring and rebuilding brick chimneys. We work with you to match the old brick or pick out a new color that complements your home. Our priority is to ensure your complete satisfaction with our services.

There are three main types of chimney rebuilds. We can perform a partial rebuild for a small chimney or the top part of an old one. We can rebuild the top portion of the chimney from the roof up, including the crown. Or when there is severe deterioration of the mortar, we provide you with a total chimney rebuild. Our professionals tear down the outer layer of brick and add a brand new crown.

Feel confident that we have the skill, knowledge, and experience to restore your chimney so that it functions like it did when it was brand new. Do not delay when your chimney needs rebuilding for this poses a danger from fire, damage from water, or health hazards from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Contact us today to replace an aging and crumbling chimney. We serve customers in Washington, DC; Alexandria and Annandale, Virginia; and Hyattsville and Silver Spring, Maryland; as well as the surrounding areas.