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Chimney Cleaning

Chimney Cleaning Services in Washington, DC

A clean chimney is a safe chimney—one that poses no threat of fire, smoke damage, or harmful gasses. To protect the safety of your home and family, depend on chimney cleaning services in Washington, DC, from American Professional Chimney & Masonry Service. Let us save you money on our services by taking $25 off the cost of chimney cleaning.

Cleaned Chimney in Washington, DC

Chimney Cleaning Service Recommended at Least Once a Year

Chimney cleaning service is dirty work. Removing the creosote and soot that builds up inside the chimney is a job that requires the proper tools and professional training. That is why we recommend you turn to the licensed, bonded, and insured sweeps at our company for chimney services. Let us thoroughly clean the inside of your chimney for you.

We recommend a thorough cleaning once a year, more so if you have any safety concerns. When those fragrant logs burn, they turn into creosote, which builds up on the inside walls. Creosote buildup can make it harder for the heat and gasses to exit the chimney, posing a fire hazard. Over time, this buildup can flame up and cause a house fire. Make your home a safer place for your family with our chimney sweep services.

Beware Smoke Damage & Dangerous Gases

Fire damage is one reason to keep your chimney clean. Smoke damage is another. As creosote cakes the inside walls of your chimney, it makes it harder for smoke and other gases to escape through the top of the chimney. This can even lead to situations where smoke, soot, and gases are vented into-instead of outside-of your house.

Smoke brings with it an unpleasant odor that is difficult to remove, while soot leaves nasty residue behind. The residue sinks deep into the fabric of your furniture, carpeting, and even the drywall. Improper ventilation also leads to gases escaping inside the house. This could result in your family suffering from the ill effects of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Prevent problems with an annual chimney cleaning and inspection. A good time for service is in the fall before you start using the fireplace on a regular basis. This allows our sweeps to clean and inspect your chimney, as well as to remove any debris that may accumulate. With our services, you and your family can sit back and bask in the glow of the flames without worrying about fire hazards.

Contact us today to keep your chimney clean and your home safe from fire. We serve customers in Washington, DC; Alexandria and Annandale, Virginia; and Hyattsville and Silver Spring, Maryland; as well as the surrounding areas.